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SEO Auditing

An SEO audit is more often than not the first step people take on their SEO journey.

It starts the initial journey of discovery that many businesses embark on in order to better understand the performance of their website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of making your website as Google friendly as possible, so that more people can find you when they search for products and services.

An SEO audit lets you know exactly where you are going wrong with your website so you can make the necessary changes to start ranking highly on the search engine.

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    Not All SEO Audits Are Created Equally

    There are varying degrees to which an SEO audit can be performed.

    You may have seen free SEO audit tools online, and while these can be a great start, they generally do not scrutinise the target website in as much depth as a professional piece of software.

    Professional auditing software can go through a website with a fine-tooth comb, identifying not only problems with content, but also technical problems and problems that may only show up on mobile browsers.

    We can also find out how strong your back link profile is and give advice as neccessary.

    We Are SEO Experts that Specialise in SEO Based Web Design

    We understand SEO, and we just so happen to have experience building stunning websites for a wide range of clients.

    When designing a new website, you have to build SEO into all aspects of the design.

    Think of it as a purpose-built website for maximising SEO and ranking highly on Google.

    That is how we get our clients higher search rankings, but most importantly this is how we keep them in the top spots.

    What Do You Do Now?

    So, let’s say so decide to go it alone and end up with a basic outline of the problems your website is having.

    The problem you now face is making these changes so that Google starts paying attention to you.

    Now you could hand the audit to a third-party web designer, who can make the changes for you.

    The problem is, a lot of web developers do not specialise in SEO, they just know how to make a website look nice.

    That’s where we differ from the rest.

    An Audit Is Just The Beginning

    An SEO audit represents the first step in the process of better understanding pitfalls in your website.

    After this a strategy should be put in place to determine where you go from there.

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